Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Case Against Email Marketing

About 6 months ago someone from the company I work for sold our email list to a marketing rep and since that time me and my fellow creative dept. colleague's inboxes have been getting bombarded with Email marketing from Photographers at the rate of 15 a day (and that's only counting the ones that don't get caught by the firewall).

At first I simply tried to ignore the incessant emails, and delete them as soon as they hit the inbox - but this became a full time job, as they come on average once every half an hour. I actually use photographers for photo shoots for my clients, but seriously there is no way that I would ever even consider using one that sent me one of these emails as they have simply become a nuisance.

The sad thing for them is that they are probably paying a good chunk of change for my email address and those of my colleagues without knowing that they and 2,000 other photographers are being peddled to our inboxes. It has gotten to where I now make it a point to opt out of each and every one of the emails out of spite, even though it takes up my valuable time (and the time that my company is paying me for. Hmmm, maybe they should have thought of that before selling our addresses).

Since I am now opening these emails in order to opt out, I have been exposed to some of the worst photographers I have ever seen in my life and some of the worst design as well. Today one arrived in my inbox that takes the cake and I felt compelled to share it with you. Enjoy....